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What Video is Best For Your Industry?

Posted by Steven Henderson on Jul 11, 2017 11:08:00 AM

What Video is Best for Your Industry?

Don’t underestimate the power of a corporate video. Several recent studies have come to the same conclusion. Over time, more and more people prefer watching videos over reading written content. Why?

They make information easier to consume, easier to remember and often require less time than reading.

Not to mention that the audio and visual elements help people to forge emotional bonds with your brand. Those are just a few of the benefits; there are many more.

Needless to say, incorporating this into your marketing strategy would be a wise choice. But that leaves an important question:

Out of the many types of corporate video, what type is right for your business?

The Company Profile

Definitely one of the most popular choices, this option is primarily informational. It explains who you are, the value you bring to customers, your story and values.

In other words, it’s an ‘About Us’ page in video form.

It can be effective both online and off. For example, it could greet visitors on the homepage of your site, on the ‘About Us’ page or even on social media.

Offline, it could play on loop constantly in your office for potential customers to see.  

The more opportunities you create for them to learn about you and connect with you, the more sales you’re likely to make.

Who is eSpokes?

eSpokes Electric Bike)

Company Culture Showcase Videos

Are you looking to bring new talent on board and expand your business? If so, this type of showcase video is the way to go.

Understandably, a healthy company culture is highly sought after today. In fact, one study revealed that companies with such a culture have a low job turnover rate of just 13.9%, while those with poor cultures are at nearly 50%.

If you want to find and keep talented, dedicated individuals, use your secret weapon — current employees.

Gather some of your best employees and have them share funny experiences, what they love about your company, the challenges you help them to face successfully and things such as these.

This behind-the-scenes sneak peak will allow potential employees to visualize themselves as a part of the team.

When they do this, excitement grows and they are more likely to reach out and apply.


Google is one of the most prominent examples of unique company culture.


Like the company culture showcase video, FAQ’s can also be used to attract potential employees.

This can be an excellent way to give them information they need to know, as well as let them know what you’re looking for in new team members.

Aside from recruitment efforts, these are commonly used for the benefit of prospects.

They allow you to address the most important and common questions about your business, products or services.

Often, providing answers to these pressing questions is like removing obstacles from the path to a purchase.

With those out of the way, many prospects are ready and willing to convert.

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are based on products and services. They communicate value, promote excitement and drive sales.

This type is especially useful to introduce new products, features or services with a bang. They are perfect for use on your website and social media.

Physical copies can also be produced and distributed if appropriate.

Command Branch Launch by 3M


Glowing Testimonials

There are few things more powerful than the words of satisfied and successful customers.

It can wash away any doubt or hesitancy that your leads might have about doing business with you.

The key is to use the right mix of testimonials for your potential customers.

Do they face a certain challenge or problem? Interview a happy customer who you successfully helped to overcome that obstacle.

Love 2 Learn Academy 


Happy Customer Testimonial (0:16-0:40)

Have you seen evidence that leads are skeptical about some aspect of your business? Use the story of someone who had the same attitude but who was pleasantly surprised.

By matching the type of testimonials to your audience, you can make the biggest impact.

What Kind of Video Will You Choose?

Of course, there are several other options available in addition to the ones discussed above.

Before investing time and resources in this, though, you need to consider what type will be appropriate for your industry.

It never hurts to check out what successful businesses in your industry are using. That will give you a good idea of what works and will allow you to invest wisely.

Company Video Productions Banner (B).png

Also, you may find that it beneficial to use more than one. As you can see, each one serves a different purpose.

That means that using several high-quality videos can boost your success in many areas.

Being honest about current room for improvement can help you to make the best choice.

Based on those two factors, what will you choose? Why not take some time to do your research, brainstorm a few options and discuss with your team what would work best?

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