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Posted by Mike Ropelato on Apr 16, 2017 4:06:11 PM
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Shortly after passing the Utah Bar in 2013, Jacob E. Smith started his solo law practice. He serves as an attorney, focusing on various aspects of family law. At the heart of his practice is his deep desire to aid individuals and families in times of distress.

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Jacob E. Smith, Attorney at Law

221 25th St, Ogden, UT 84401

(801) 436-7459


Jacob was inspired by his own family — his wife and daughter — to start his business. He wanted to provide, while still being able to spend quality and quantity time with them. And so his practice was born. He began using his ability and expertise to help people deal with stressful legal matters involving the family. These include divorces, custody issues, child support, adoption, probate, estate planning and more.Jacob E. Smith - Small Business Sunday Feature-449884-edited.jpg

“If you can do good things for others, you have the moral obligation to do those things.”

At first, this was his obligation. He took to heart the motto, “If you can do good things for others, you have the moral obligation to do those things.” In time, though, helping individuals to face some of the most difficult times in their lives became his quest, his passion.

Though he hasn’t personally experienced divorce or the other matters that he deals with, he has been personally touched by each case that he handles. He empathizes with his clients and recognizes the challenges that they face.

One of his goals is to remove financial stress from the picture.  

Wanting to make each situation even just a little bit more bearable, he has taken into consideration the financial strain that often comes along with getting legal help. Seeing that many attorneys charge traditional hourly rates that are often sky high, Jacob decided to go a different route.

He offers a variety of flat rate options and consistent automatic payment plans. This means that his services are both predictable and affordable. Not to mention that he can be brought onto a case only to the extent that he is needed — whether to handle a whole case or just a certain aspect.

In some cases, individuals prefer to handle matters themselves and just want to consult with him to make sure they’re on the right track. Jacob is happy even to do this, offering free 30-minute initial consultations.

Jacob has dedicated his life to the service of others.

The college that he attended in Virginia had the motto,”Learn that life is service.” Jacob is the embodiment of that motto. He is adamant about ensuring that everything that he does is in the best interests of his clients.

He tries always to make informed decisions without over-analyzing a situation or acting purely on emotion. He admits that it’s a delicate balance, but he knows that the best results come from it.

How will he continue to help others?

Jacob has recently revamped his website and will soon be rolling out helpful, non-legalese content. This content will help clients and potential clients to make informed legal decisions — the best decisions for themselves and their families. Not to mention that clients will soon be able to purchase his flat rate services directly from his website.

How great it is to have such a dedicated, unselfish man serving the families of Northern Utah!

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