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Posted by Aleksandra Gdanska on May 14, 2017 2:10:45 PM
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After years of working in the industry as a social worker, in 2013 Daniel Rogers started up Elevation Hospice. It is a place where all the care and focus truly are towards the needs of the clients and their families.

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Elevation Hospice

21 E 100 N #105

American Fork, UT 84003

(801) 610-1868


Upon witnessing the negative impacts of the cost-centered actions by administrators in other agencies, Daniel knew Elevation could be better. In keeping the administrative costs minimal, they are able to pay the staff well and provide exceptional service for their clients.Daniel Rogers Family-561094-edited.jpg

Their philosophy?

Daniel says, “At Elevation Hospice we believe the Medicare funds used to pay for hospice services are sacred. In most cases, our clients have spent a great deal of their lives paying into the Medicare system for a time when care such as hospice is needed. Our commitment is to keep our administrative costs in check so as to use these funds to provide the elevated levels of services needed to meet the needs of our clients and their families.”

The approach makes all the difference

How? Elevation knows the type of care you would want for your loved ones, so they only hire the best. Each member of the staff is handpicked for their positive, compassionate personality as well as love of life! Their actions speak louder than words in how they care for those they serve.

It's about life

While most people equate hospice with death and dying, Elevation makes it about life and living. They don’t perceive a person as dying; rather, until their last breath they are living!

With that, they have a great staff which provides more care and services for the client and their family to have a supportive and loving hospice experience.

This hospice is different

How? Environment makes all the difference. There is a strong emphasis on love and support, and the administration backs its staff so that they are free to care and tend to the needs of their clients.

These, as well as good pay, contribute to the very low turnover and wonderful work environment. Mostly though, Daniel points out that it is about meeting each client's needs, and helping their family.

Although many agencies in the industry end up caring more for how many clients they have or the money they can make, Elevation does not fall to those standards. Instead, they focus on how well they care for their clients. How many other agencies are willing to make financial sacrifices in order to take care of their staff and clients?

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There are several benefits to hospice care

Daniel wants people to know that contrary to popular belief, people in hospice often live longer than those who forgo that option. He also asks that potential clients request an evaluation sooner rather than later as they could also qualify for hospice care way before their health takes a turn.

Another plus, is that hospice is provided in the home where the client is most comfortable. This includes the equipment, supplies and medication from the hospice at no cost to ensure the client’s safety and comfort. The care is also 100% covered by insurance, so the client and their family should not hesitate when considering it.

More good news

Not only has Elevation been lovingly serving clients in Utah for years now, they have recently expanded into Colorado to spread the exceptional care they provide. It is clear that everyone in the business wholeheartedly strives to serve each individual.

While the amount of care provided is an excellent example of that, simply their attitudes go a long way in uplifting their clients and families, and in inspiring those around them.

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