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Posted by Shannon Smith on Jul 16, 2017 6:24:11 PM
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Alisha Nuttall opened her bakery storefront in Pleasant Grove in November of 2013. The grand opening came on the heels of her and her twin sister winning the show Cupcake Wars. Alisha has always loved baking, especially for other people.

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Cravings - Alisha's Cupcakes 

93 S Main St

Pleasant Grove, UT 84062

(801) 899-2185


She decided to begin doing it for a living not too long after graduating high school. She’d baked a cake for some coworkers and a top-level executive from Outback Steakhouse happened to taste it. The executive promptly remarked, “You should do cupcakes!” And so she did.

Alisha Nuttall - Cravings Alisha's Cupcakes-198445-edited.jpgIt started out as a small, home-based operation.

In the beginning, Alisha did all her baking at home and her business spread completely by word of mouth.

Although she wanted a store, her husband wasn’t crazy about the idea.

Upon competing on Cupcake Wars for the second time — after a crushing defeat the first time — he promised that if she won, she’d get her storefront. The rest was history.

Cravings isn’t just your average cupcake shop, though.

What makes this shop different? Several things. At twice the size of standard cupcakes, Alisha considers them to be more like mini desserts.

Additionally, kids and adults are encouraged to join Alisha’s classes where they can learn to bake.

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Another special thing is that Cravings has treats for all. The already impressive variety is supplemented by several gluten-free options.

In fact, most of the regular flavors can be made free of gluten. You don’t have to deprive yourself of your favorites! The featured flavors vary from month to month but customer requests are welcomed.

Last but not least, 95% of everything is made from scratch. That’s unlike many other bakeries today and commendable considering the vast selection.

It’s all about the experience.

Customers can get cakes, trifles, rolls & pies and a host of other goodies. But they aren’t just getting sweets when they stop by the shop. They’re getting an experience.

There’s always fun, upbeat music playing from Disney, oldies and kids stations. The goal is to put a smile on every customer's face when they walk in. It’s safe to say, Alisha has achieved that.

(Cupcake Wars Audition)

Locals and travelers alike have nothing but good things to say.

One customer commented: “This is a great little cupcake place to go with the family. They play Disney music and have little gifts available. It felt like we were in Disney world.

Another said: “I love everything about this place. The cupcakes are delicious, the other desserts are amazing and the staff is super friendly. And Alisha is the best. I've had so many of their cupcakes, it's not even funny.

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To indulge or to share?

Do you just want to treat yourself to some delicious desserts? Do you need cupcakes or cakes for a wedding, graduation, business party or other gathering? No matter what, you can count on Alisha’s Cupcakes.

Throughout July, you can enjoy special, homemade butterbeer and butterbeer cupcakes. Not to mention other mouthwatering flavors like root beer float, strawberries and cream, triple chocolate and more. Why not pay Alisha a visit and enjoy some sweets this month?

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