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Posted by Mike Ropelato on Apr 23, 2017 3:15:00 PM
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Caffe Torino opened its doors in June 2015. It was born out of a desire to bring a real deal, authentic Italian Cafe experience to the Farmington, Utah area.

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Caffe Torino

Station Park, 125 E Promontory,

Farmington, UT 84025

(801) 683-0049


The cafe's owner, Mari Livermore, grew up in Northern Italy. She can recall seeing the streets of Italy, lined with cafes and bistros. Most of Mari’s family, however, is from the South. This means that she can incorporate both perspectives into her cafe experience. This is not limited to coffee alone.Mari & Jon - Caffe Torino-339665-edited.jpg

Caffe Torino has the whole nine yards.

The menu is complete with coffee, pastries, crepes, paninis and much more. There’s even a new addition called Granita, which is Italian ice with soft-serve vanilla bean ice cream. Such a delicious summertime treat!

Caffe Torino Granita-544018-edited.pngThe great thing is that everything served here is truly authentic. In fact, many of the pastries and savory items are prepared in the cafe’s Italians...using Italian recipes that have stood the test of time.

That’s certainly a rare quality in cuisine that has been brought over from other countries. If you’re looking for food and drink that hasn’t been adapted or changed, this is where you’ll find it. Plus....

...There’s something perfect for every occasion.

Located conveniently in the Station Park Shopping Center, everyone is invited to stop by and enjoy a taste of Italy. Need to grab a quick bite and a cup of joe in the morning? Want to try something different on your next lunch break? Would you like a refreshing smoothie or iced coffee on a hot day? Want to splurge and grab some dessert after a movie or dinner? This is the place to go!

One customer commented, “I had a great experience here...If you're looking for a great breakfast destination, you can't do much better than Caffe Torino and a stroll in an empty Station Park.”

Another said, “I drive about 15 miles to enjoy Station Park and to me Caffe Torino is one of, if not the best features of Station Park.”

The locals certainly do have great things to say about it.

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Speaking of occasions…

Caffe Torino is equipped to cater and also plan weddings and other events. Of course, they've got the food covered but they also have a design team that can make whatever you envision to become a reality.

Something else makes this cafe stand out, though.

What is it? It’s the passion with which everyone at the cafe works. They try to ensure that quality is consistently high and that the service is always friendly. They’ve set a high standard. Do they meet that standard or do they miss the mark? The many glowing reviews from customers confirm that Caffe Torino does quite well and brings a lot of joy to the local community!

More joy to come, though.

The cafe is currently open 7 days a week. Very soon, though, Caffe Torino will be delighting customers even more by extending its closing times each day. This change will take effect on June 1, 2017 and will definitely be an exciting one in the community.

Who wouldn’t want to take a mini trip to Italy? This “old country” Italian bistro and cafe will take you there.

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