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Match Your Company to the Perfect Video Style

Posted by Mike Ropelato on Jul 20, 2017 10:29:00 AM
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Brand consistency is essential for several reasons. For one thing, it helps people to get a clear understanding of what you do and why.

It also makes your company memorable and recognizable. From the smallest to the greatest detail, everything needs to be in sync…videos included.

The style, tone and messaging need to be appropriate for your type of business and the kind of videos you produce.

Let's break down a few important things you should consider as part of the creation process.

Consider Your Industry

The very first step is to take a realistic look at your business and industry. What is it like? This shouldn’t be too hard of a question to answer.

Is it exciting, fast-paced or trending? Is it the opposite; serious and less mainstream? Think, too, about who you’re trying to reach with your products or services. Are they high-level professionals? Are they carefree millennials?

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Once you’ve taken these variables into account, you can move on to choosing the right tone.

What’s the Right Tone for Your Video?

This will depend, of course, on what your business is and who you serve. For example, an innovative technology startup that appeals to younger individuals might have a more casual, informal tone.

The Lampster did exceptionally well at showcasing their product and brand inside their kickstarter campaign by capturing the attention of younger individuals through a laid-back and more easygoing tone. Their pledges from this video speak for themselves.

The language would mimic the way people in the target audience express themselves.

In contrast, a law firm or solo law practice for successful attorneys would be more formal and professional. That only makes sense.

Our Social Video team produced this company video for Jacob E. Smith, Attorney at Law. Jacob did a fantastic job at being professional while also letting his love and passion for all things law shine through.

Could you imagine it the other way around? What would you think of a law firm or accounting firm that used slang and colloquialisms? You wouldn’t want them anywhere near your company!

And wouldn’t it be hard to get excited about the latest tech advancement while listening to a stiff, formal explanation? Sure it would.

Choose wisely to avoid a confusing disconnect in your branding. It’s usually best to match the tone to that of the content on your website.

If that’s been a contributing factor to the success of your content, it will be to your video as well.

Narrow Down Possible Video Types

You can do this before, after or while deciding on tone. The result will be the same as long as you have a few important things in mind.

Namely, what’s right for your industry as was already mentioned. It would be wise to see what your competitors are using successfully. Those could work well for you too.

2017 Video Marketing Trends (1).png

Second, you’ll want to hone in on the primary message you're trying to get across. That will determine the best way to present that message and dictate the style that you need to use.

This raises two important questions. What video styles are there to choose from and what purposes do they serve?

Animated Videos

This style is very versatile and very popular. Of course, animations can be very fun and lighthearted.

At Social Paragon we use a cartoon explainer video on our careers page to let our candidates know what to expect when they apply for our company. These videos are simple, quick, and easy!

Yet, you can also tone them down and mellow them out when necessary. That makes them useful for a variety of different businesses and purposes.

They are a great option for storytelling. For example, they can really liven up the story behind your company or your history as the owner and why you started.

HubSpot is notorious for these types of animated videos. For years they've opened up their Inbound conferences with these videos to really capture the audience's attention.

Too, you can showcase a product or service and help viewers to understand how it works and the benefits. When used in this way, you can really increase your conversions. Isn't that what you’re looking to do anyways?

Whiteboard Videos

Do you have a complex subject with many moving parts? If so, you need to explain it in the simplest terms possible.

The whiteboard video style will allow you to do that. You can break down each part of the subject in a simple and understandable manner.

Ydraw - a company out of St. George, Utah specializes in these whiteboard animation videos. They created this video to help explain and promote how Kapitol Reef snorkel's Kadence Technology works. 

These are most commonly used for educational purposes. That being the case, they also work well if you want to provide answers to FAQ’s.


Screencasts capture your movements on the screen of a computer or mobile device. This type is excellent for how-to videos and demonstrating things that aren't physical products.

For example, you could show how simple it is to use your redesigned mobile app. Or you could teach step by step how to use your software.

Square perfects screencast videos by using them to demonstrate how their software works across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Live Action Videos

Raw and honest, live action is perfect for a behind-the-scenes look into your company. Whether you want to show customers what a day at the office is like or attract new talent, live action is a great way to go.

Not to mention that you can also demonstrate a process or how to use a product live. The human element has major advantages.

Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream is very transparent about the franchising side of their business while also showing customers a glimpse of how they actually make their liquid nitrogen ice cream right there in front of you.

People gravitate towards and react more intensely to other people. This will make your videos even more effective, whichever route you choose to take with them.

Other Things to Keep in Mind With Video  

At this point, the structure is set. All that’s left is to add the content and film. What things should you keep in mind at this stage? Consider just two.

1) Make your video short and sweet.

Sometimes longer videos are appropriate but it’s best to use them sparingly. People are far more likely to click on and watch an entire video if it’s only a few minutes long.

By keeping your videos short and simple, you can get your point across and achieve the results you want.

Lincoln Motor Company proves that a simple, 30 second video is more than enough to peak someone's interest.

2) Don’t forget emotion and personality.

Often, emotion is what garners reactions from an audience. If you can show emotion and get your audience to feel it, they will be more likely to react the way you want them to.

That could mean taking steps to find out more about what you offer, making a purchase and so on. Don’t forget emotion!

The same goes for personality. This doesn’t mean compromising professionalism. Rather, show what’s unique, different or interesting about your business.

From upbeat music to slow-motion footage, Cupbop made sure we accurately represented who they are as a brand.

By allowing their humor, emotion and personality to shine through with this company video, it's no secret as to why customers keep coming back for more Korean BBQ.

That's A Wrap!

Remember these things and you’ll produce valuable video content that matches your brand perfectly. You may find that visitors linger longer on your site.

Even your rankings in search engines may improve, attracting more traffic.

In fact, one study found that a video can make a web page 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of search results.

You can experience many more benefits if you take the time to craft tailored video content. Now the question is: What video style do you think is right for your company?

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