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How to Use a Video to Boost Your Sales

Posted by Steven Henderson on Jul 27, 2017 11:07:00 AM

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According to one study, up to 65% of your audience consists of visual learners. What effect does this truth have on your marketing strategy?

It means that in order to effectively market and sell to your audience, you need to make wise use of visuals.

Video is the primary way with which to excite customers and motivate them to purchase. Here's why.

At one point, Forrester Research found that one minute of video is worth a whopping 1.8 million words. It’s obviously more effective than text.

So just how can you use video to maximize your sales? Why don’t we let statistics answer that for us? But first, let’s start off with your options.

The Kind of Videos You Need

Generally, for sales purposes, you’ve got two very successful types to choose from. The first is promotional and the second is the how-to format.

Consider the purpose of each, along with some examples of how they can be used in the small business setting.

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Promotional Videos

The main goal is to introduce or explain a product or service. It details what you’re offering, what it does, how it’s beneficial to customers and why people should buy it.

You might also give updates to generate a new wave of excitement about an old product or service or to keep people posted on a future development.

For instance, let’s say that you own an electronics store. You’ll soon be carrying the latest in a line of popular electronics.

Of course, you’d want to spread the news and have people lining up at the front door to get theirs first. You could do this by showing the product, talking about the exciting new features and the payoffs that come from them.

How-To Videos

As the name suggests, this type is for demonstrating how to use something. It gives prospects confidence that they’ll be able to successfully use your products to get the results they want.

When they have this confidence, they are more likely to buy. In fact, research has shown that after viewing videos, 57% of consumers are more confident in their purchases and are less likely to make returns.

That makes sense. After all, would you spend your hard-earned money on something you don’t quite understand? How about something that seems really complicated? Probably not.

Don’t expect your customers to do this, then. Instead, remove their doubts and answer their questions with a how-to video.

For example, a software company might demonstrate (either through one or a series of videos) how to use their software.

In this case, it’s true that a free trial may be available for the product. Yet, removing the guesswork beforehand and reducing the time needed to “try it out” can be appealing to potential buyers.

Helping customers to go into purchases informed and fully prepared is always the best option.

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How and Where You Should Use Your Videos

1) In your emails

HubSpot found that using the word “video” in email subject lines increases open rates by 19% and click-through rates by 65%.

When used regularly, this tactic can also slash unsubscribe rates by nearly one-third.

2) Throughout your website

People stay on sites with video an average of 2 minutes longer. You might be thinking, “How much can happen in the span of just two minutes?” The answer: A whole lot more than you think!

For example, imagine that a hungry foodie is browsing through your restaurant menu online. It all sounds good...but they’re about to leave your site to compare with other options.

Then they notice your short video about your newest menu items and watch it. Now you’ve whet their appetite, they’ve decided to give you a try and are on their way to your restaurant. That’s the difference two minutes can make!

3) On landing pages specifically

Ideally, if nowhere else, each landing page should have a short clip of some sort.

Words can be powerful, but video has an unmatched ability to move people to action. What’s the proof? A video on your landing page can increase conversions by 80%. Not too shabby!

4) On your social media accounts

If you decide to use self-hosted videos on your website, link to the video.

This way potential customers wind up on your site and are more likely to look around.

On the other hand, you can share videos directly on Instagram, Facebook and other platforms.

However, it’s still a good idea to encourage a visit to your site. You can do this by putting the link in your bio or in updates when appropriate. This could attract more traffic and earn you more sales.

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Increase Sales Both Online and In-Store

Numerous studies have shown that at least 81% of consumers — and often more — research businesses online before visiting a physical location.

This means that video can not only boost your online sales but can also lead to more in-store sales. Let me explain.

People are more likely to visit a store if they have an idea of what they’ll find there. Time is precious and so most will go with the most promising option.

A video showcasing your selection or products or talking about the range of services you offer can make your business the obvious choice for a visit.

Additionally, consumers are very concerned with reputation. Whether consciously or not, they check out businesses online to see if they’re any good.

Your high-end video will assure them that you’re reputable and trustworthy.

Do You Want More Sales?

More sales is a dream come true, especially for a small business, right? The two keys to success in this regard are picking the right style of video and using it in the right places.

If you do these things and settle for nothing less than professional quality, you’ll be able to watch your sales rise.

Some bonuses might be more engagement with your brand on social media, more effective email marketing campaigns and so on.

Wouldn’t you say that video is a worthy investment of time and resources? Of course! So why not get started with the planning today?


Ready to Get Started With Video?

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