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How to Make a Promotional Video That Will Motivate People

Posted by Mike Ropelato on Aug 1, 2017 1:14:00 PM
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How to Make a Promotional Video That Will Motivate People

Promotional videos do exactly what their name suggests. They promote products, services, businesses, ideas, causes, etcetera. Creating a video like this can be tricky though.

You can promote all you want, but what good will it do if you can’t motivate people to take action based on what they see? In the end, you want your audience to feel something and then to do something.

Perhaps you want your audience to develop an emotional connection to a cause that’s important to you. Maybe you’d like them to buy the product or service you’re selling.

Or you might be hoping for charitable donations. Your goal, of course, depends on your business.

Yet, one fact remains unchanged. Your promo videos must contain motivating factors. What are these factors? Here's six.

6 Ways to Make a Promotional Video That Motivates People

1) The Quality Must Be High

Chances are your smartphone video isn't going to cut it. You want to represent your business in the best possible way.

Shaky video, bad image quality and muffled or distorted sound are no good.

For one, you want people to be able to see what you’re portraying and hear your message clearly.

If they can’t do this, you’ve wasted your time and resources. Further, you’ve damaged your credibility.

Avoid this by ensuring a steady capture with good lighting and clear sound quality.

2) You Need an Engaging Script

In writing, you can sometimes get away with being strictly informative. That’s not the case with video, though.

Often, such a stiff, educational tone turns viewers away. While you can and should still be informative, do so in a friendly and engaging way.

Ideally, your script should read as if you’re chatting with a friend.

3) Relatability is Essential

If your audience can’t relate to the primary elements in your videos, they won't take any action.

Why not? Understandably, they’ll think that whatever you’re promoting isn’t relevant to them. What should you do?

Characters should mimic individuals in your target audience. Any situations or challenges you depict should be what your audience actually faces.

4) Your Video Needs Personality

This goes hand-in-hand with the engaging script but also encompasses much more.

From the script to the setting to the type of video, your brand identity should shine through.

A lighthearted brand might use humor or casual language. A brand that supports a serious cause might leverage drama.

Without personality, you can’t trigger any emotional response in your audience.

5) Including a CTA is Not Optional

The best way to get people to take action is to ask them to do so. Rather than hinting around at or alluding to what you want, be direct.

This way you can be sure that they know what you’re after and they will be more likely to comply.

One or more calls-to-action are essential when making promotional videos.

6) Length Can Make or Break Your Video

Studies show that the average attention span of humans is shorter than ever. It comes in at a measly 8 seconds. An eight-second promo video is a tall order, no doubt.

If you hook viewers from the start, you can stretch that short span to 30 seconds, a minute or a bit more.

Can you get away with 5 minutes? Not likely. So you must hit your main points as succinctly as possible. Otherwise, people may not stick around to hear your CTA.

Are You Thinking of Hiring a Professional?

These vital elements will help you create engaging, motivational videos. Are you thinking of hiring a professional to make sure that your video is the best it can be?

That might be a wise investment if you can find the right pro for your business. How can you know who’s a good fit?

One of the best things you can do is check out samples of previous work. Is the video quality up to your standards?

Is there a style like what you’d be looking for? Does each sample grab your attention? By looking at these factors, you can find the expert who’ll deliver the best result for you.

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