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How Blogging Can Help the Growth of Your Business

Posted by Steven Henderson on Dec 7, 2016 10:56:13 AM

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As a business owner, you are no doubt always concerned with the growth of your business. You’re always in search of new tactics and fresh ideas that will promote this growth. Long-term benefits are more valuable to you than immediate benefits, which are often short-lived.

One tactic that provides numerous long-term benefits is blogging. In fact, statistics show that businesses that blog generate 67% more leads than others that don’t. Lead generation is just one of the many benefits to be had.

Consider six invaluable benefits of business blogging below, including two aspects of lead generation. All of these translate into business growth.

Blogging Can Increase SEO

Blogs are an excellent way to draw organic traffic to your site because they are primarily informational and not necessarily focused on your company. Since keywords are such a major part of SEO, it’s important that you incorporate those that potential leads are searching with.

Most likely these potential leads are not aware of your business or, if they are, it’s not at top of mind. So, they won’t be searching for it specifically. Therefore, blogs, which contain more general information and subject matter, are more likely to include appropriate keywords.

Potential leads will be more likely to find your blog and, therefore, your website. Also, as you blog consistently on relevant topics, you’ll have the opportunity to move up in search engine results. This, too, will improve your visibility.

Blogging Can Convert Visitors to Leads

Once you’re discovered online, you can then convert visitors to your site into leads. This can be done by means of a simple form that asks for name and email address, at the very least. Cleverly placed CTA’s can encourage visitors to go to and fill out these forms. Slide-in, in-line, sidebar and end-of-post CTA’s are all great options. You can even sweeten the deal with a free offer, which is received after filling out the form.

Getting visitors to subscribe to your blog allows you to collect information that could be used to personalize or improve interactions with leads. That increases the chances that they’ll become prospects.

Blogging Continually Generates Leads

Blogging can do the work for you in the long-term. Once a post is up, it can continually generate leads as long as the information remains relevant. Needless to say that several high-quality blog posts can drum up quite a few new leads each month.

This is especially the case when you continue to promote past content. You can link to it in newer posts, send a popular older post via email or create a list post (e.g. “7 of the Best Video Marketing Campaigns We've Seen in 2016”). Balanced promotion of this content will spark new interest and, therefore, new leads.

Blogging Will Help You to Maintain a Presence

With so many companies offering exactly what you do, it’s imperative that you get and keep your business in the forefront of people’s minds. Really, that’s the case whether they are leads, prospects, current customers or previous customers.

Your business is vying for 1st place against countless competitors. Doubtless, you want to be the first option that comes to mind when a need for what you offer arises. But in order to hold that #1 spot, you must be remembered. The best way to be remembered is to constantly be present, in this case, by means of your blog.

Consistency is key. If customers can come to expect valuable content from you on a regular basis, your blog will become the go-to source for information.

Blogging Can Establish You as a Thought Leader

Furthering the last point, you should regularly publish authoritative posts based on the latest in your industry. Thought leaders are sought out for their expertise and the accuracy of the information they provide.

And with trends constantly shifting and new developments taking place all the time, your audience will want to stay informed. If you can successfully solidify your credibility and become a thought leader, you will be able to maintain a relatively stable audience.

The more authority you have, the more respect you gain. Respect is the foundation for loyalty, which can sustain your business. Not to mention that loyal followers and customers are very likely to spread the word about you, thereby growing your business.

Blogging Adds Value to Your Offerings

Of course, the products or services you offer are valuable in themselves. However, you can really stand out from the crowd if you provide even more value to potential and current customers. Business blogging is one excellent way to go above and beyond, especially if it’s something that your competitors are not doing.

The helpful information on your blog could eventually move individuals through the sales funnel and turn them into customers. After all, people who trust you to provide them with needed information are more likely to give you their business at some point.

As for current or past customers, your blog will promote loyalty. If you support them throughout their experience with your business, as well as afterward, they won’t hesitate to do business with you in the future.

Be Wise and Blog

It’s clear that blogging can have a significant, positive impact on the growth of your business. And as the internet grows increasingly more important for businesses, choosing not to blog could actually be detrimental. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that it’s just an optional addition to your marketing strategy.

The internet is often the first place that people turn these days to find information, products or services. So, not blogging is the equivalent of missing out on prime opportunities to be found online. Always remember, though, that your competition will be more than happy to capitalize on the opportunities that you throw away.

Instead, keep rivals on their toes by developing a solid, carefully calculated blogging strategy. Adjust as needed to appeal to your audience on a deeper level. Don’t hold back from being creative and innovative. If you do these things, you can expect to see positive developments within your business.

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