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Don't Miss Out on the Benefits of a Dynamic Website

Posted by Brock Morrison on Jan 13, 2017 11:39:17 AM
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Benefits of a Dynamic Website.jpg

As a business owner, one of your main goals is likely to maximize customer conversion. Today, it is common knowledge that an optimized website is a must. It’s a vital component in converting visitors, leads and prospects. Yet, there’s one thing missing. Unfortunately, it prevents many businesses from getting the most out of their websites.

It’s called Dynamic Website Personalization (DWP). The end goal is to create a website experience that relates directly to the unique situation or needs of each site visitor. This involves changing messaging and content based on several factors. For instance, time of day, seasonal changes, a visitor's physical location, the number of previous visits and current special promotions or events.

Website Changes Based on the Season.jpg

In the winter time your site can display simple snowflakes that fall down your page to get your customers in that Christmas spirit.

Many businesses have tackled website optimization. They focus on keywords, speeding up loading times, producing high-quality content and so on. Of course, those things do contribute to a pleasant user experience. In comparison, very few use personalization, which is a powerful tool for appealing to individuals.  

Consider just a few of the benefits of Dynamic Website Personalization.

DWP Satisfies Customer Expectation

Computers, smartphones, search engines and the like have created a great expectation. Technology has made consumers so used to getting the information they want within minutes. Now, consumers expect that speed and practically refuse to wait a second longer.

If your site doesn’t meet their needs quickly, they’ll move on. This is where DWP can be a great help. Based on what you know about each visitor, you can show the most relevant information right away. This will increase the chances of visitors staying on your site and eventually converting.

Take first-time visitors for example. You could arrange to show a welcome video that tells about your company, products or services. Or you could provide an after-hours contact form for any visitors with questions or concerns.

Video Popup for First Time Visitors.jpg

Video greets first-time visitors only, then maybe for second and third-time visitors a login form displays instead.

Such personalization eliminates the need for visitors to search to find what they need. Instead, the information is right there the minute they click onto your site. According to a 2013 Econsultancy study, businesses that leverage personalized content on their website average a 19% increase in sales. That’s solid proof that DWP is effective and well-received by customers.

DWP Encourages Equal Customer Service

Far too often, the focus is only on delivering excellent customer service in-store. This leaves the online community feeling neglected. But, the individuals that make up the online community desire and deserve the same level of outstanding customer service. DWP is what will allow you to deliver this across-the-board.

In person, you need to both know and address the needs of your customers. The same holds true online. So, consider your online audience, along with their behaviors, shared concerns and common questions. With these things in mind, you’ll know what to incorporate into the design of your website.

Take, for example, a restaurant website. The menu could be set to change automatically for breakfast, lunch and dinner based on time of day. Or it could display directions to the nearest location based on the visitor's current location.  

Restaurant Menu Changes Based on the Time of Day.jpg

This lunch menu only shows on this restaurant's site during the hours of 12-2pm.

Using what you know about each person and providing convenience establishes likeability and trust. Likeability and trust can ultimately morph into loyalty and brand advocacy. These promote a steady customer base and also attract new individuals to your business.

DWP Can Set Your Business Apart

Before, DWP was just for big, well-known businesses with huge budgets - imagine Amazon. Now, though, it’s something that businesses of all sorts and sizes can do. At least to some degree.

Yet, many businesses haven’t begun using personalization — whatever the reason. For some, it’s because they aren’t aware of the benefits. Some see it as just another option. Others may think it’s too much work or that it must cost a grip. These viewpoints are a major advantage for you.

If you start using Dynamic Website Personalization now, you’ll stand out from local competition. As others begin using this technique in time, you’ll have already established the positive reputation that DWP helps to build.

Dynamic Website Personalization Guide.jpg

And, no, it doesn’t require endless hours of hard labor and an unlimited budget. You’ll already have a head start if you can get into the minds of your customers. Step into their shoes, so to speak, and identify their specific wants and needs. Most likely, you already have a good grasp of who you’re dealing with. All that’s left, then, is to decide how to address those needs and desires quickly and efficiently.

Getting the Best From DWP

When personalizing your site, you have to keep in mind that each user is different. Circumstances, needs and interests vary. Therefore, you need to take several situations into consideration. You should try to cover as many bases as you can, while still maintaining balance.

Don’t be too specific when you don’t have enough information about a certain persona. Don’t have too many personalized options competing for one person’s attention. These kinds of errors can make your efforts irrelevant.

Ultimately, to get the best from Dynamic Website Personalization, you’ll need to analyze and optimize constantly. This goes for deciding what to put in place, as well as seeing what works and what doesn’t.

This means that you’ll need a way to track your results and the response to any changes. How you track your results will depend on how you decide to personalize.

It’s best to try making unrelated adjustments one at a time. It makes analyzing data so much easier, helping you to see better what’s successful and what needs further tweaking.

Don't Miss Out on the Benefits of DWP

As you can see, personalizing your website can have many benefits. For one thing, it satisfies the need to get information quickly and without having to search. Second, it allows you to extend your excellent customer service to the online community, knowing what customers are after.

Third, DWP can help you to stand out from competitors who are not yet using personalization. By implementing this now, you can be a couple of steps ahead of competitors in the future and already enjoying the benefits.

Consider the definition of the word dynamic. It’s a process or system characterized by constant change, activity or progress. In the case of DWP, the idea is that your site should change and progress along with its visitors as their needs and interests change. It’s not hard to see why this is so effective.

Personalization can increase the number of people that continue interacting with your business after the initial visit to your site. And if you personalize the entire process — from visitor to lead and even beyond the sale — you’ll be able to truthfully say that you pride yourself on customer service.

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