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Don’t Get Trapped in the Marketing Stone Age

Posted by Steven Henderson on Jun 27, 2017 11:35:10 AM

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The world has gone digital. No one could argue otherwise. Nowadays, you can do almost anything with a smartphone and the almighty internet.

You can shop for products or services, stay connected on social media, expand your knowledge and so on. In fact, people do these things and more every day.

Traditional marketing isn’t dead. Of course, it has its place. Yet, this generation relies so heavily on digital means of communication and interaction.

So it only makes sense that inbound marketing is a wise course to take. Consider five things that you shouldn’t...no, can’t go without if you want to keep up with modern marketing.

Where’s Your Website?

A business without a website is not reaching its full potential. Bottom line.  

You might have a nice customer base without a site, but think of how many more customers you could attract with one.

After all, the new norm is to check the internet when looking for a business to fill a need. If the sites of your competitors show up and yours doesn’t, who wins the customer? Not you.

It’s not enough just to have a site, though. It should be easy to use, pleasing to the eye, mobile-friendly and present your brand’s message well.

 Website Grader

Is Your Website Invisible?

If you have a site, great. The million dollar question is, though: Can anyone find it? It's easy to get lost in the shuffle without search engine optimization.

An optimized site will appear higher in search engine results. The higher up in results, the more attention that site attracts.

Why not invest in or implement SEO practices? That way, you can be more visible online than your competitors.

Do You See the Value of Content?

Another key to an effective website is fresh content. Boring, unoriginal, irrelevant content won't help you generate or nurture interest in your business.  

If you provide interesting, valuable content, the opposite will be true. Try to be original. Create consistently and with your audience in mind. Then, deliver content in the way your audience would prefer to consume it.

Are You Using Social Media to Your Advantage?

Facebook alone has over 1 billion users. Not to mention the impressive numbers on other social networking sites. In the ten most engaged countries of the world, users average 10.09 hours of social networking per month.

The point being? Social media provides access to a large number of people and there’s a large time window in which to reach them.

Best time to post on Facebook (1).png

(Best times to post on social media - Sprout Social)

What should you be doing on social media? Talking about your business, weighing in on industry news, connecting and interacting with people.

You can also distribute your best content. Doing this boosts your credibility and gets people engaged with your business.

Do You Discount Analytics?

It’s easy to think, “I can see what’s working and what’s not. Why do I need analytics?” Yes, you may be able to get a general idea of increases in leads or decreases in shares.

But really examining the numbers can be more helpful than you might think. You can often see why some things fail, lose effectiveness over time or don’t work as well as others.

For example, analytics may show that people leave your site the second they see the lead capture form.

Why? After examination, you realize that the form asks for too much personal information. Without analytics, you may not have known where those individuals were dropping off...or why.

Adjusting based on solid evidence will help you act strategically instead of guessing at what will work.

Are You Trapped in the Marketing Stone Age?

As technology and consumer behavior change, marketing practices advance and evolve. Currently — and for the foreseeable future — digital marketing is a major part of the changing landscape.

If you’re not using it, you’re missing out. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to catch up.

At the very least, incorporate the above five practices into your marketing strategy. The benefits to your business will be worth the extra effort. Don’t stay trapped in the marketing stone age. Break free!

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