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Business and Social Media: Attracting the World, Locally

Posted by Aleksandra Gdanska on Jun 29, 2017 2:35:19 PM
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Social media is good for businesses of all sizes. Yet, it can be an especially useful tool for small businesses. Why? It can help them to retain their current customer base, keep existing customers happy and attract new ones. It creates awareness, promotes engagement with your brand and boosts sales. Consider, in particular, four ways that small business social media marketing does this.

SMM Makes Your Brand Recognizable

By being active on social media, you keep your business on the radar of old and recent customers.

They’ll be less likely to forget about you if they’re reminded often that you’re available to them.

Then, whenever the need arises, they’ll know exactly who to go to. That’s especially true if they’ve had pleasant experiences with you in the past.

It’s similar for those who aren’t yet customers. Especially through advertising on social media, you can make impressions on a wide audience.

If that audience sees enough of you, you’ll be the first company they check out when they need what you offer. Here's why.

Often, a person’s first instinct is to jump on the internet and search for the right business. That takes work.

It’s much easier to first check out the business they’ve seen advertised and then explore other options if needed.

The question is: Will the business they’ve seen advertised be yours? If not, you’ll be losing customers to those who are making more memorable impressions.

You Gain Brand Advocates

In recent years, more and more people have rallied around small businesses. Why is this?

Generally, they aren’t like some larger companies. They don’t treat customers as just another dollar in their pockets.

Instead, they value and care about each individual who does business with them.

In reality, people don’t want to do business with businesses. They much prefer people. Social media allows you to interact on a more intimate and less serious level.

This kind of interaction helps people to form strong emotional bonds with your brand. The more they love you, the longer they’ll stick with you and the more they’ll talk about you.

When your customers do shout about your business, others will be in “earshot.” Positive comments and experiences can often persuade others to give you a chance.



You Create More Chances to Convert

Every time your business shows up in someone’s feed, it's an opportunity for them to react or interact. They could share your post, comment, visit your website, even make a purchase.

Granted, most people won't rush to buy the second they see your latest update. But with increased interaction over time, you’ll likely notice more conversions from SMM.


(Ignoring Customer Service Complaints on Social Media? You're in Good Company and in Trouble - desk)


You Get More Backlinks

In line with the last point, chances for conversion increase as you get more quality backlinks.

When someone links back to you, they’re shining the spotlight on you in front of their audience. This gives you a much wider reach.

An added benefit is that backlinks prime people to like you even before they click the link to learn more. Links are like votes of confidence from your peers.

In effect, they say, “We trust this business and you need to check out what they’re doing.In effect, your business is trustworthy because a respected business or person recommended it.

Of course, to get quality links...or any links at all...your content needs to be consistently high-quality. It has to be original, interesting and relevant to your audience.

If it’s not, you won’t be getting the full benefit from what you share on social media.

You also won’t be making the best of this tool if you sit back and wait for the backlinks to start rolling in.

"3 Things You Need to Consider When Outreaching"

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Doing Outreach to Gain More Links

Many platforms have built-in tools to find and connect with thought leaders and established businesses. 

This way, you can get yourself in front of respected figures who may then mention you to their audiences. How can you conduct outreach on various platforms?


Followerwonk and similar tools help to identify prospects, which go into Twitter Lists.

It’s best to build a rapport and interact with your prospects over time. This will make them more receptive when you eventually ask for links.

If a person is following you, you can get in touch by direct message to do this. If not, you may have to do a bit of searching on the web or on Twitter using a tool like All My Tweets.

Usually, you can find an email address so that you can start a conversation.


Using a Google search or “Find People,” you can identify influential people to contact.

Then, you can segment them into appropriate groups using Google+ Collections. This way, you can share the most relevant updates — links included — with a specific group of people.


Do you rely solely on Youtube for your video content strategy?

If so, you’re cheating yourself out of valuable backlinks, which boost your sites search engine rankings. They also increase engagement and conversion.

Why are you missing out? When people link to your Youtube video content, Youtube is earning the vote of confidence meant for you.

Even worse, due to ads and other videos, there’s the risk that leads will become distracted. That risk decreases when links point back to your website.

How can you do this? Either by self-hosting videos or using a service that will allow you to control embedding.

This will ensure that people link to your website instead of Youtube.

Are You Investing in SMM for Your Small Business?

Clearly, using social media to promote your small business can have invaluable benefits.

It can turn current and previous customers into die-hard fans and advocates of your brand. This brand love is contagious and can earn you a grip of new customers.

Not to mention that keeping active boosts your credibility and opens many doors of opportunity.

The question is: Are you investing in SMM for your small business?

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