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10 Smart Ways to Pair Social Media and Video

Posted by Aleksandra Gdanska on Nov 18, 2016 2:51:29 PM
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There’s no denying that social media is a powerful tool for reaching the masses. It’s also clear that video is an increasingly more important element of doing so. Businesses small and large are now incorporating video into their social media strategies — some successfully and others...not so much.

So, what does it take to successfully pair these two marketing powerhouses? Of course, quality is important. No one likes blurry, grainy images and constant camera shake. However, the purpose and focus of a video are equally important. Each one should accomplish an objective.

Consider these 10 smart ways to take your video and social media marketing to the next level.

1) Showcase Your Offerings

Video provides a great platform to demonstrate just how your product or service works. Visuals in themselves are powerful and can make a lasting impression on viewers. And when coupled with explanation, the effect is even greater. In fact, it’s estimated that 80% of people remember videos that they’ve viewed.

When creating a showcase video, shallow depth of field — along with close ups — ensures that what you’re offering is the focal point. This can certainly make your videos more memorable and even more informative.

2) Share the Love

Share videos and testimonials from those who love and support your brand. They will no doubt love to make a contribution. And who better to appeal to potential leads and prospects? After all, aren’t you more likely to trust a company if you know that others do?

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3) Make Announcements

Keep people in the loop about what’s going on. You can make announcements about all the important and exciting things taking place within your organization.

You can also be among the first to speak on breaking news within the industry. If people know that they can always come to you to hear the latest, they will come to you to hear the latest.

4) Advertise, Advertise, Advertise

Video ads have gained popularity across numerous platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Not only can you entertain those who follow you, but you can also reach those who you haven’t yet connected with.

5) Tell Stories

Who doesn’t love a good story? Your videos can be humorous, sad, scary, contain an unexpected twist and the list goes on — as long as they invoke emotion.

You can conduct interviews of your staff or perhaps a customer. You can even share the history of your business. There’s quite a bit of room for variety and creativity here.

6) Go Live

The use of live video is on the rise with Facebook Live, Periscope and so many other options available. Live Q&A’s are a great way to promote engagement with your brand and inform your audience as well.

Video tours that make use of POV shots are an interesting way to show what goes on behind the scenes.

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7) Replay Live Videos

Your live videos will gain even more exposure if you make them available for viewing afterward. This way those who were unable to tune in to the live version can access it and, even better, others will be able to find it.

Youtube is an excellent way to do this as it's easy to create a channel specifically for recordings of live video.

8) Answer Questions and Address Concerns

Show your audience that you listen to them. Use video to answer common questions or to address concerns. Your audience will surely appreciate your efforts to respond to their needs and to inform and educate them.

9) Focus on What's Trending

It only makes sense to capitalize on what’s popular, interesting and being talked about at any given time. This includes recent events, the latest trends, popular hashtags and more. It’s much harder to drum up interest in an unpopular topic than to go where the interest is, so to speak.

10) Encourage Action

While you already have the attention of viewers, you can take the opportunity to encourage them to take action. Be direct and specific about what you want them to do.

Don’t leave out the CTA! Including one at the end of your video — making it the last thing people see and hear — will ensure that it’s remembered and increase the chances that they will act.

Of course, there are many more ways that you can incorporate video into your social media strategy. The important thing is that you do make it a part of your marketing lineup. However, it’s wise to try several methods of doing this to see what your audience responds to best. While there is no one-size-fits-all formula, a carefully crafted video is sure to attract and delight many.

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